ASSITEJ Australia (formerly YPAA)

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Theatre Network Australia is the host and secretariat for the former YPAA, now ASSITEJ Australia.

Young People and the Arts Australia (YPAA), the Australian centre for ASSITEJ International, has changed the way it works for and with the sector. Because the previous organisation (Young People and the Arts Australia) has had to fold, we have simplified our identity and have called the network ASSITEJ Australia.

Theatre Network Australia hosts ASSITEJ Australia as the secretariat, and uses the infrastructure of our office to reach interested members with opportunities and news, as well as coordinating the payment of membership fees to ASSITEJ International (as a National Centre for ASSITEJ), ensuring members in Australia can access the global association.

While the e-bulletins are free, we are encouraging all former YPAA members and newcomers to the network, to join TNA as financial members, to support our ongoing work on behalf of the whole sector, with specific work for the Young People and the Arts sector as included in our strategic goals.

What does it mean to be the Australian centre of ASSITEJ International?

ASSITEJ is the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, and YPAA had been the Australian centre of ASSITEJ for 40 years. The opportunities through this international association are many, with over 100 countries as members, bringing people together around performance in a huge array of projects and artforms; information about festivals around the world; up to date trends in theatre; global movements; research; and advocacy at the core. It is vital that we remain part of this international association as Australia’s voice has been an essential part of the ASSITEJ history, and has a lot to offer in the current climate. Currently, Sue Giles is on the Executive Committee of ASSITEJ and is one of three Vice Presidents. Check out the website – there are lots of action and inspiration to be found here: