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Circus and Physical Theatre (CaPT) Strategy


In 2016-17 Creative Victoria commissioned two Sector Reviews from Andrew Bleby and Associates, the first one reviewing the key service requirements needed to support the Circus and Physical Theatre Sector (2016), and the second one recommending an approach to implementing new ways of delivering services to the sector (2017). The reports recommended that Creative Victoria and ACAPTA approach TNA to take on some of the services that ACAPTA used to provide, in light of evidence that ACAPTA was unable to continue to provide those services. After several months of meetings and planning, TNA has agreed to an implementation plan, which we will now be rolling out, across the next 3 and a half years, to be reviewed and revised for 2021 and beyond.

TNA will be taking on most but not all of the services that ACAPTA used to provide. The two key areas of work that TNA will not be taking on are the Peer Assessment for Street Safety (PASS) Scheme, which is now to be run by Street Performers Australia; and international travel and representation (our focus will be primarily within Australia). In other areas, we hope that we can enhance the work that ACAPTA did, because our broader remit has given us a strong support base, and helped us to develop an excellent reputation nationally for our advocacy and sector development work. We are very aware that in some regards Circus and Physical Theatre (CaPT) needs dedicated, discrete advocacy and promotion, and in other areas it will benefit from enhanced collaboration and exchange with other parts of the performing arts.

CaPT services include:

  1. Information, Communication and Networking
  2. Insurance for Circus performance
  3. Sector Meetings and Conferences
  4. Advocacy of Sector Issues to Decision-makers
  5. Business Advice and Benchmarking
  6. International Engagement – ‘No Travel’ international strategy
  7. Circus and Physical Theatre Membership and Directory
  8. Support Street Performers Australia (SPA) to run the PASS Program.

TNA acknowledges ACAPTA lifetime members Antonella Casella and Kim Kaos for their services to ACAPTA. 

Advisory Group

The CaPT advisory group will meet quarterly and be engaged in ongoing measures to ensure that the sector has a voice and that services are meeting their needs. Their two key functions are:

  1. To maintain strong engagement and information exchange between Theatre Network Australia and the broad circus and physical theatre industry locally, nationally and internationally.
  2. To offer guidance to TNA to ensure that its mandated service delivery to the CaPT sector is operating effectively and efficiently.

CaPT Advisory Group Members

Kate Fryer
Joshua Hoare
Felicia Lannan
Rockie Stone
Deb Wilks

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TNA will include a dedicated Circus and Physical Theatre (CaPT) section in our monthly newsletter; and a dedicated quarterly newsletter to the CaPT sector.

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