In TNA’s extensive work with the independent and small to medium sector, we witness and empathise with the labour and heartache involved in making grant deadlines, and not always receiving the funding. However, you do build up your grant writing experience and (sometimes) gain valuable feedback for your project from applying, so we encourage you to keep applying for funding. Grant officers report on trends and where the demand is, so you also help to show the case for funding projects involving young people and young audiences.

We encourage people working on projects involving young people and young audiences to register as peers. (These positions are usually paid – to cover your time and costs). Even if you aren’t chosen to be an assessor, having a really strong and diverse pool of practitioners from this field of work in the pools shows that this sector is a valuable and serious artform.

This is useful for the following reasons:

– Artists and companies working on projects with, by and for young people are applying for grants, and these applications should also be assessed by people with broad knowledge of the art form.

– Peer assessors have articulated the experience as valuable professional development towards their own practices, project planning and grant applications.

Follow the links below to to register/nominate yourself as a peer assessor.