Converge Delegates List

Klari Agar – Young Artist, VIC

Olivia Allen – City of Yarra, VIC

Jens Altheimer – Independent, VIC

Jennifer Andersen – ArtPlay SIGNAL, City of Melbourne, VIC

Andrea Andric – Arts Centre Melbourne, VIC

Holly Austin – Independent, NSW

Sarah Austin – Independent, VIC

Pippa Bainbridge – Arts Centre Melbourne, VIC

Lisa Barbagallo – Sydney Opera House, NSW

Jennifer Beckett – Melbourne University, VIC

Simon Bedford – The Inhabitors, VIC

Kristen Beever – Arena Theatre Company, VIC

Meredith Bell – Theatre Kimberley Inc, WA

Sarah Bell – ILBIJERRI Theatre Company/Australian Performing Arts Market, VIC

Lilla Berry – Carclew, SA

Nicole Beyer – Theatre Network Australia, VIC

Andrew Blackman – Complete Works Theatre Company, VIC

Jessica Blaxland Ashby – Marian Street Theatre for Young People (MSTYP), NSW

Annie Bourke – Malthouse Theatre, VIC

Collette Brennan – Abbotsford Convent Foundation, VIC

Naomi Brouwer – Flag Inc., VIC

Alice Cadwell – Spaghetti Circus, NSW

Jackson Castiglione – Courthouse Youth Arts, VIC

Penny Challen – Little Match Productions, QLD

Sally Chance – Independent, SA

Rachel Chant – Independent, NSW

Clare Christensen – Arts Centre Melbourne, VIC

Kelly Clifford – Geelong Arts Centre, VIC

Ali Clinch – Independent, NSW

Valentina Corona – Playwave / Shopfront Arts Co-op, NSW

Pippin Davies – Regional Arts Victoria, VIC

Harriet Devlin – House of Muchness, VIC

Chelle Destefano – Independent, VIC

Tom Dickins – Melbourne International Comedy Festival, VIC

Hayden Dun – Independent, VIC

Daniel Dunlop – Independent, NSW

Joanna Erskine – Bell Shakespeare, VIC

Joel Evans – Bunjil Place, City of Casey, VIC

Rachel Fensham – University of Melbourne, VIC

Christy Flaws – Asking for Trouble, VIC

Sue Giles – Polyglot Theatre, VIC

Nathan Gilkes – Marian St Theatre for Young People, NSW

Katherine Gillick – Outer Urban Projects Ltd, VIC

Claire Glenn – Carclew, SA

Laura E. Goodin – Independent, VIC

Dan Goronszy – Independent, VIC

Carolyn Hanna – Born In A Taxi, VIC

Penny Harpham – Western Edge Youth Arts, VIC

Craig Harrison – Independent, SA

Mauren Hartley – La Mama Theatre, VIC

Mary Harvey – Arts Centre Melbourne, VIC

Clancy Hauser – HotHouse Theatre, NSW

Richard Higgins – The Listies, VIC

Zoe Hogan – Sydney Theatre Company, NSW

Louise Howlett – ReAction Theatre, VIC

Helen Hristofski – Barking Gecko Theatre Company, WA

Francis Italiano – Sensorium Theatre, WA

Jolyon James – Arena Theatre Company, VIC

Debra Jefferies – Creative Victoria, VIC

Hadley Johnson – Independent, VIC

Catherine Jones – Australian Performing Arts Market, VIC

Belinda Kelly – Terrapin, TAS

Matthew Kelly – The Listies, VIC

Dave Kelman – Youth Theatre Director, VIC

Lynne Kent – University of Melbourne, VIC

Romi Kupfer – Independent, VIC

Beth Lamont – Spark Creative, VIC

Natalie Lazaroo – Independent, QLD

Christian Leavesley – Arena Theatre Company, VIC

Jamie Lewis – Theatre Network Australia, VIC

Valley Lipcer – Roundabout Theatre / NORPA, NSW

Sarah Lockwood – Drop Bear Theatre/Threshold, VIC

Sarah Lyons – City of Casey, VIC

Annette Madden – Australia Council for the Arts, NSW

Deirdre Marshall – Regional Teaching Artist, VIC

Tariro Mavondo – Western Edge Youth Arts, VIC

Joshua Maxwell – Jopuka Productions, NSW

Beau McCafferty – City of Darebin, VIC

Zadie Mccracken – ACM Young Connector, VIC

Eva McEntee – Fresh Theatre for Social Change, VIC

Ross McHenry – Windmill Theatre Co, SA

Jeremy Miller – Monkey Baa Theatre Company, NSW

Jessica Moody – City of Casey, VIC

Jessica Morris Payne – Independent, VIC

Shaz Mullens – Fresh Theatre for Social Change, VIC

Phoebe Neilson – Arts Access Victoria, VIC

Stephen Noonan – Independent, SA

Eryn Jean Norvill – Safe Theatres Australia, VIC

Simone O’Brien – SeedArts Australia, NSW

Kerry O’Sullivan – St Martins Youth Arts Centre, VIC

Kathryn Osborne – Riptide Youth Theatre Company, WA

Andrea Ousley – National Institute of Circus Arts, VIC

Scott Parker – Matriark Theatre, NSW

Sarah Parsons – Outback Theatre for Young People, NSW

Natasha Pearson – Independent, VIC

Mark Penzak – Independent, VIC

Ian Pidd – Festival / Theatre Director, VIC

Andrea Powell – Collarts, VIC

Rani Pramesti – Theatre Network Australia, VIC

Shondelle Pratt – Independent, VIC

Leisa Prowd – Arts Access Victoria, VIC

Paul Rae – University of Melbourne, VIC

David Ralph – Outer Urban Projects Ltd, VIC

Jay de los Reyes – Social Transformations and Education Research Hub, VIC

Jeremy Rice – Melbourne Theatre Company, VIC

Chrissy Riley – Australian Theatre for Young People, NSW

Kathryn Roberts Parker ­– Matriark Theatre, NSW

Sophie Ross – Safe Theatres Australia, VIC

Ilana Russell – Courthouse Youth Arts, VIC

Tricia Ryan – National Institute of Dramatic Arts, NSW

Simone Schinkel – Theatre Network Australia, VIC

Cat Sewell – Independent, VIC

Anna Seymour – Independent, VIC

Kate Sherman – National Institute of Dramatic Arts, NSW

Bethany Simons – Theatre Network Australia, VIC

Jordan Stack – Fresh Theatre for Social Change, VIC

Georgia Stanley – Slingsby, SA

Hannah Strout – Auspicious Arts Projects, VIC

Sonya Suares – Independent, VIC

Toby Sullivan – Malthouse Theatre, VIC

Rainbow Sweeny – Polyglot Theatre, VIC

Desiree Tan – ACM Young Connector, VIC

Suzie Thomas – Independent, VIC

Jane Tonkin ­– Corrugated Iron Youth Arts, NT

Nick Tranter – Melbourne Theatre Company, VIC

Bryoni Trezise – University of NSW, NSW

Abbie Trott – University of Melbourne, VIC

Amy Turton – SIGNAL, City Of Melbourne, VIC

Meg Upton – Arts-in-Sync/Deakin University, VIC

Stephane Urruty – ArtPlay SIGNAL City Of Melbourne, VIC

Clare Walton – Independent, VIC

Katy Warner – Arts Centre Melbourne, VIC

Richard Watts – ArtsHub, VIC

David Williams – Independent, VIC

Megan Williams – Auspicious Arts Projects, VIC

Jessica Wilson – Independent, VIC

Pip Wittenoom – Australia Council for the Arts, NSW

Julie Wright – Polyglot Theatre, VIC