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Circus and Physical Theatre (CaPT) Strategy


Following two Sector Reviews from Andrew Bleby and Associates commissioned by Creative Victoria, TNA has now taken on some of the services that ACAPTA used to provide to the Circus and Physical Theatre sector. The TNA CaPT Stratey will be rolled out across the next 3 and a half years, to be reviewed and revised for 2021 and beyond. Our broader remit gives us a strong support base, and has helped us to develop an excellent reputation nationally for our advocacy and sector development work. We are very aware that in some regards Circus and Physical Theatre (CaPT) needs dedicated, discrete advocacy and promotion, and in other areas it will benefit from enhanced collaboration and exchange with other parts of the performing arts.

CaPT services include:

  1. Information, Communication and Networking
  2. Insurance for Circus performance
  3. Sector Meetings and Conferences
  4. Advocacy of Sector Issues to Decision-makers
  5. Business Advice and Benchmarking
  6. International Engagement – ‘No Travel’ international strategy
  7. Circus and Physical Theatre Membership and Directory
  8. Support Street Performers Australia (SPA) to run the PASS Program.

TNA acknowledges ACAPTA lifetime members Antonella Casella and Kim Kaos for their services to ACAPTA. 

Advisory Group

The CaPT advisory group will meet quarterly and be engaged in ongoing measures to ensure that the sector has a voice and that services are meeting their needs. Their two key functions are:

  1. To maintain strong engagement and information exchange between Theatre Network Australia and the broad circus and physical theatre industry locally, nationally and internationally.
  2. To offer guidance to TNA to ensure that its mandated service delivery to the CaPT sector is operating effectively and efficiently.

CaPT Advisory Group Members

Kate Fryer (VIC)
Kate Fryer has been a performer, director, teacher and writer of circus and physical theatre for 20 years. Combining story-telling and physical mayhem she has travelled the globe performing at Street Festivals, Major Events and in some of the world’s most prestigious theatres. She is a founding member and Artistic Director of Dislocate. Directorially, Kate has helped create circus acts, ensemble productions, and curated parades.

Joshua Hoare (SA)
Artistic Director of the South Australian Circus Centre, the home of Cirkidz, Joshua Hoare draws on multiple skill sets as one of Australias new generation of circus artists, creating performance work through a variety of physical languages. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Sydney University) as well as graduating from the National Institute of Circus (NICA) and has performed both nationally and internationally.

Felicia Lannan (VIC)
Madhouse Circus company founder and NICA graduate, Felicia Lannan grew up at the Flying Fruitfly Circus, and is no stranger to the Australian Festival Circuit, touring with companies such as Long Answers to Simple Questions and Solid State Circus. The most backflips she’s ever done in a row is 50.

Deb Wilks (QLD)
Deb Wilks from Cluster Arts is passionate about circus and physical theatre, working closely with professional and emerging artists, arts managers, and administrators. Deb wants to see circus and physical theatre become more widely recognised, and assist in raising the profile of Australian circus artists both nationally and internationally.

Rockie Stone (VIC)
Rockie Stone is a physical performer and multi award winning contemporary theatre maker with a drive to create art with circus bodies, and co-founder of award winning Company Here and Now. As much at home hand-standing on fellow acrobats, or balancing on a tower of chairs, as she is hanging on ropes and trapezes, she has 20 years of professional experience in the industry. Rockie has performed all over the world with renowned companies such as Circa, Circus Oz, and Finucane & Smith, and has directed for Slipstream Circus and Westside Circus.



TNA has a membership of 313 and counting across a broadchurch definition theatre and the performing arts. Membership rates start at $33 for individuals, and range between unfunded, associate, and fully funded organisations, and membership is valid for 12 months.

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Peer Assessment for Street Safety [PASS] 

The PASS program was born out of the 1997 Sydney City Council’s ban on busking at Circular Quay. This got the street performing community organised and with the help of the Media Entertainment Arts Alliance the decision was overturned and an advisory committee formed to oversee policy direction. This group addressed risk management concerns brought up by the legal department by suggesting a peer assessment process.

The National Coordinator of the PASS program, Hemlock Mejarne, is happy to talk about peer assessor enquiries and help liaise with your local council / precinct management.

Hemlock can be contacted on or 0407 326 966

ACAPTA Archive

The Australian Circus & Physical Theatre Association (ACAPTA) was the peak body and service organisation for the growing contemporary circus and physical theatre sector between 2004 – 2017, following a rich history of development of the sector.