COVID Safe Plans by State

Live Performance Australia - COVID Safe Plan Template

The LPA have created a thorough template for arts and events COVID-Safe Plans. Download.

NSW COVID Safe Plans
NT COVID Safety Plans
  • All businesses are required to lodge a COVID-19 Safety Plan by filling out the relevant checklists available – no approval required.
  • Separately approved COVID-19 plan required for gatherings over 500 people.
SA COVID Safe Plans
  • Fill out the form on this page to create your Step 3 COVID-Safe Plan. Your completed form is your Plan.
  • Covid Management Plan requires approval, for events with more than 1000 people.
  • More info.
QLD COVID Safe Industry Plans
TAS COVID Safe Plans
  • Templates provided not industry-specific but by business size.
  • Organisations should use resources on the WorkSafe Tasmania website, and refer to sections that are relevant – eg. if they are running a bar, they have to refer to the food and beverages guidelines.
  • No submission of plans required but may be inspected on premises.
  • Organisations funded by Arts Tasmania may have to show COVID safe plans as condition of funding.
VIC COVID Safe Plans
WA COVID Safety Plans
  • Guidelines for Sport and Recreation.
  • Plan does not require approval, but should be available for inspection on premises.
  • Template is optional.