Performing Arts Touring Alliance winding up

Changes to the sector, coupled with funding strictures and the need to avoid duplicating services, have led to the Performing Arts Touring Alliance winding up.

 “We are proud of PATA’s many achievements, particularly hosting annual national forums in which key touring issues and priorities (changing programming needs; marketing and audience development, community engagement, the role of local government and data collection of touring activity) were identified by the sector and appropriate actions taken…Of particular note was Merryn Carter’s appearance into the Senate Inquiry into Arts Funding in August 2015 in which she specifically tackled Senator Brandis’ assertion that it was the major performing arts organisations – those organisations that he had personally insulated from funding cuts – that conducted most of the touring to regional Australia…” – Rachel Healy,co-Artistic Director of Adelaide Festival and the most recent PATA Chair.

“For producing companies and artists, PATA has been a useful forum to raise issues in a unified way, around unfair touring systems, and to address the difficulties faced by independents in particular. It is through PATA that Theatre Network Australia (as a member of the PATA Council) could advocate for Go Pitch funding – for supporting independent artists who are pitching at the state and national marketplaces. Go Pitch has now been rolled out at a state level (at Showcase Victoria) and nationally at PACA’s Performing Arts Exchange, and at Showbroker.” – Nicole Beyer, Theatre Network Australia

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