TNA initiates and distributes research in areas of identified need – providing evidence and data that was not previously captured.

February 2019
Contribute to TNA's 2019 Salary Survey

TNA’s 2019 Salary Survey is open to all not for profit arts organisations with a turnover of less than $4 million across Australia.

It is the sixth survey conducted by Theatre Network Australia, biennially since 2009.

The survey establishes organisational size and turnover and includes questions about salaries, benefits, professional development budgets, tenure, and representation.

Contact to take part.

November 2017
TNA’s 2017 Small to Medium Salary Survey Report

The Theatre Network Australia 2017 Salary Survey Report for Not for Profit Small to Medium Arts Organisations analyses results from an online survey distributed to the sector that garnered 94 valid responses.

The full 36 page 2017 Salary Survey for Not for Profit Small to Medium Arts Organisations is free to all TNA members – individuals and organisations; or available for purchase for $250.

Sign up here as a member. If you are already a member, email to access the full report; or to purchase outside of membership.

August 2015
TNA’s 2015 Small to Medium Salary Survey Report

The Theatre Network (Vic) 2015 Salary Survey Report for Not for Profit Small to Medium Arts Organisations analyses results from an online survey distributed to the sector that garnered 80 valid responses.

This report compares results with previous surveys, conducted in 2009 (50 responses), 2011 (92 responses) and 2013 (96 responses).

August 2013
2013 Small to Medium Salary Survey Report

In line with previous TNV surveys, there is a bias towards theatre and Victoria due to the remit of TNV, but it has continued to improve this year, with a more even distribution across the state and territories and with a higher representation of other artforms.

In 2013 Pro Bono Australia published its first annual Not for Profit sector Salary Survey, and comparisons are made throughout this report for benchmarking purposes.

August 2011
2011 Remuneration Report

In 2011, TNV was pleased to again undertake the Salary Survey – responding to participants request that it be conducted on a regular basis for benchmarking purposes.

A number of organisations noted that their Boards were undertaking wage reviews to improve salaries in response to the Survey.

August 2009
2009 Remuneration Survey

This report analyses results from an online survey that collected responses about organisational size, salaries, other benefits, and professional development allowances of the main staff positions of 50 mostly small-to-medium Australian arts organisations.

The main finding of the report is that staff salaries, benefits and professional development budgets of small-to-medium arts organisations are still disappointingly low. Although there has been an increase (above CPI) in salaries compared with the Victorian AD/GM 2006 survey, there is still a long way to go to be in line with remuneration for similar roles in other sectors.

April 2018
THIS IS HOW WE DO IT: Working trends of independent artists, creatives, and arts workers

This is TNA’s first survey designed to gather data that reflects the realities of making it as an independent artist or arts worker in Australia. We hope the findings presented here provide solid provocation for discussion, evaluation, and benchmarking.


It was launched in April 2018, and received good media coverage.

Designer Directory

A response to the significant gender inequity within the technical designs for live performance initially in the areas of Lighting, Sound and Composition, Video Design and Animation, then extending to Set and Costume Design within the subsidised performing arts sector.


This list is designed as a resource for theatre companies, collectives, and individuals, to hire more diversely in these areas. This list is also one of many ways to develop a community amongst female, non-binary, and trans designers.

This list is in no way exhaustive, and is a live document that we expect to grow and change. If you would like to join the list or update your details, or for more information, contact Jamie Lewis –

Initiated by Emma Valente.


This database is for independent performing arts producers who support independent artists, independent collectives and independent companies.


We are also collecting information from producers who are interested in being a producer mentor for the Victorian Independent Producers Initiative (VIPI)’s Producers Mentorship Program.

Submit your details here to add yourself to this list.

Young People’s Engagement in and with the Arts in Regional Victoria.

Theatre Network Australia is proud to be a partner in this Australian Research Council Linkage project.



Researching both the creative processes of theatre-making and audience participation, this University of Melbourne project asks how theatrical impact can be enriched through relationships and activities that extend beyond the immediacy of the event.

This project examines the work of six Australian theatre companies and performing arts venues – Arena Theatre Company, Arthur, Bell Shakespeare, Geelong Performing Arts Centre, HotHouse and Melbourne Theatre Company (MTC) – and their interaction and engagement with young people in regional Victoria.