Peer Learning

Peer learning is a key strategy TNA uses in order to strengthen the sector.
Simone Schinkel is the TNA staff contact for all Peer Learning enquiries.

Initiated in 2013, TNA facilitates this exchange of experience between industry colleagues through gatherings of Small to Medium Performing Arts CEOs, Executive Producers and General Managers at member companies.

In small groups, these peers share ideas, resources and skills, breaking the isolation often experienced, all in a ‘cone of silence’ environment. Previous attendees have discussed:

  • Staffing Structures;
  • Commissioning and New Work development models;
  • Partnership models more generally;
  • Sharing information about international treaties, legislation, visas etc;
  • Brand building;
  • Rebuilding after funding cuts;
  • Presentation opportunities;
  • Leadership – relationships between ADs, EPs and Boards;

This program currently runs monthly in Victoria and is offered to associate member companies when TNA makes interstate state visits.